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Over the past 2 years I've been keeping tabs of The Rarest Cadillac Ambulance in history, the 1959 Eureka Hi-Boy Cadillac Ambulance. Only 3 were ever made, and there is only one left. A Man by the name of Neal A. Parish bought the car, restored it to 1959 factory condition. The restoration was completed roughly a year ago.
Since then it was driven, and "oogled" at, heads turned and mouths dropped at the road warrior he possesed. For reasons unknown it is now up for sale. The reason this section of ECTO-135 is called "Cadillac Farewell" is because this man brought the rarest 59+ Cadillac back to life, the last of its kind and now the lifeliner is being passed on to another man with such an obsession as you or I. Below are before & after photographs of my very lust for Cadillacs, Farewell.

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