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Below are the finest computer generated pieces of Ghostbusters art that I've ever seen in relation to Ectomobile status. Gathered from,  Cobalts, Nightsquads & sg1stars famous 3DEcto (with a twist!) are placed for your veiwing pleasure.

Heres Cobalts ride, it may not be an ambulance but its Original I'll give it that. This Image has to be one of the most eye catching items ever to hit the community. Looks to be a converted eagle station wagon.

Welcome to the world of Nightsquad! this modified Hearse appears to be based on Aykroys original concept for the ECTO-1. With this Nightsquads wheels are cursed with style.

\Last but definetly not least! sg1stars famous 3DEcto, concept? he brings to life the "What If" theroy and gives The ECTO-1 a lil' kick with the look of a 59 M&M Hearse.

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